God is in our consciousness surrounded by mystery (clouds and thick darkness). Despite this mystery, we are given a clear path by the Presence and Power of the Christ within us. Once we understand our right relationship with God (righteousness) and constructively call the laws of Mind into action (justice), we can approach the throne. We can only come forward in the knowledge that we are each children of God, inheritors of the fullness God’s estate.

Then, Spirit purifies the consciousness (fire goes before him). Our minds must be cleansed of the dross (those things which distract us from truth), before it can be filled with the presence of God. God’s power enlightens our consciousness and our carnal and mortal selves can only obey. The process is one in which there is rapid change in the body and mind (earth sees and trembles). All of the things that previously seemed powerful melt in the presence of God. Darkness (ignorance) cannot exist in the Light of Divine inspiration.

Our consciousness (heavens) reaches a state of harmony (his righteousness) when we recognize our divine oneness in and with God (glory). All those thoughts centered in separation from God (false gods and graven images) will eventually fade, because all of our powers and faculties are for the service of the the Divine. Love and prayer (the towns of Judah) bring the gift of spiritual discernment (judgments). God reigns over the body, mind and soul.

We who deny error are protected through our faith and understanding. Clarity dawns when we are in a right relationship with God. As we give thanks for the blessing of spiritual understanding, we experience the realm of Christ consciousness.

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